Sustainable Commuting

The challenge for this project was to reimagine sustainable commuting.  Sustainability is often associated with climate change and environmental concerns, but there is also a human side to sustainable commuting that involves fatigue, anxiety and general well being.  Through interviews and ride alongs we found that people have become disengaged with the experience of driving and that it has turned into a monotonous chore.

We initially explored several conventional ride sharing and autonomous vehicle concepts, aimed at freeing commuters.  However,  we quickly realized that the key was not to remove people from the task of driving, but rather to fully engage them in a visceral experience.  



In addition to mounting a bike in the bed of a pick up truck, we also tested some other forms of sensory engagement.  One of these ideas was to create a car that you could have a conversation with.  Alexa is not quite up to the task yet, but there is potential...

Feeling Speed

Before having the idea of  strapping a bike trainer to the bed of a pickup truck, we attempted some other forms of sensory engagement, including a dashboard fan that we set up to run proportional to the speed of the car.


As with all prototypes, there were some missteps and a few crashes...