Lattice Bench

The brief for this project was to create a two person bench that incorporated both thick and thin pieces of wood.  I experimented with several different patterns and methods of joining thin wooden slats before coming up with the design.  The seating surface is made of 1/8 in thick White Oak slats which have been joined to create a lattice structure that is both rigid and visually striking.    

Photo: Scott Smith

Photo: Scott Smith

Early Prototypes

I began the design process by experimenting with  different grid patterns and ways of joining thin wooden slats.  I stumbled upon a method for creating a square grid out of the slats by half lapping them and pressing them together.  I decided to laser cut some small test strips so that I could experiment with different arrangements and create interesting patterns.  Ultimately I decided to go with a simple symmetric design.    


Cutting and gluing the thin slates of Oak proved to be very challenging and required a number of clever solutions and setups.  In order to prevent the slates from splintering when they came in contact with the table saw I had to attach thin sheets of MDF to both sides of the lattice using double stick tape.  Keeping the small wooden triangles in place while gluing was also difficult until I discovered I could use rubber bands to secure them.