Cardboard Bean Bag

The brief for this project was to make a chair using only cardboard.  I had experimented with folding paper to create faceted surfaces before and I was curious whether I could get the same effect using cardboard.  After testing several different tools and techniques I figured out a way of creasing the cardboard to generate a triangular pattern.  I discovered that the test pieces I made draped over objects similar to cloth and thought that a bean bag chair would be a great way of demonstrating this interesting effect.  The panels of the chair were sewn together using thin strips of cardboard and the chair was stuffed with shredded cardboard.

Early Prototypes

In order to fold the cardboard I had to carefully cut through the outer layer along each crease.  After trying a number of different techniques I found that using a mat board cutter would allow me to control the depth of the cut precisely and quickly.  I saw that the test panels I made draped over objects similar to cloth inspiring me to make a bean bag chair.



Using thin strips of cardboard I was able to sew the panels of the bean bag chair together.  The cardboard thread proved to be quite strong and the chair was able to withstand a fair amount of abuse.  I filled the bean bag chair with shredded cardboard before sewing it shut.